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To learn why “free” energy supply brokering services aren’t “free”, read the new the blog post “The Two Hidden “Gotchas” Associated with “Free” Energy Broker Services”.
Natural gas and electricity supply brokers are not compensated by energy suppliers. Their compensation comes out of your pocket in the form of inflated energy supply prices. Read the blog “How Much is Your Energy Broker’s Commission?” to learn more.
When it comes to getting the best natural gas or electricity supply deal, the first misstep is seeking the services of an energy broker. Before you do anything else, read the “Energy Broker Myths” page to learn why.
Lower cost, reduce risk, and find new savings in the natural gas and electricity supply and utility cost streams. …Natural Gas Supply …Electricity Supply …Utilities …Demand Response
Foster LLC will help you reduce cost leakage, lower business risk, and secure new savings in the energy supply chain. Check out some of the results Foster LLC clients achieved on the “Case Studies” tab.
I'm all about helping your business lower its natural gas and electricity costs and get more from demand response.
Natural Gas Procurement
How to buy, from whom to buy, and when to buy? These are the questions. There are tremendous opportunities to reduce risk, find new savings, and minimize cost leakage with natural gas supply and utilities. As an independent energy consultant, we will help your compare natural gas quotes the right way to get the right deal for your business. Call today to get right!
Electricity Procurement
Terms like Peak Load Contribution (PLC), Capacity, Network Service Peak Load (NSPL), Transmission, Bandwidth, Energy, Pass-Thru, Ancillaries, KW, and KWh have you confused? It is impossible to get the best electricity deal without a firm grasp on how these things flow through electricity bills. Don't make blind decisions that leave money on the table and increase business risk. Call today! We will help your compare natural gas quotes the right way to get the right deal for your business.
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Your business could be paying less for electricity and natural gas, or could be getting more from demand response. Call Foster LLC at (412) 308-6482 or visit the Contact page to send an e-mail.

How to buy? From whom to buy? When to buy natural gas and electricity? These are the questions. Get answers. Get help comparing natural gas and electricity quotes using best-practices. Find savings, reduce risk, and stop the cost leakage.

New Blog Post: The Two Hidden “Gotchas” Associated with “Free” Energy Broker Services
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