Energy Broker Commission: The Truth Revealed


It’s Not An Energy Broker Commission, It’s a Hidden Upcharge You’ve been approached by an energy broker and told you that they can get you the best energy deal out there. You’re intrigued. You would like help comparing energy suppliers. But, you’re smart. You ask the energy broker a responsible question, “How much will it cost my company to use your services?” Most likely, the response will be, “there is no cost to you.” But, you know better than that. You intuitively say to yourself, “The energy broker isn’t doing this for free. They are making money somehow.” So, you ask the next sensible question. “How do you make your […]

Broker to Broker Outsourcing Leading to Fat Energy Supply Prices


Energy Consumers Paying Twice for “Free” Energy Brokering Services Did your energy broker outsource the brokering of your natural gas and electricity supply deals to another energy broker? If this is the case, you can bet that your natural gas and/or electricity supply prices are significantly over-inflated. Most energy consumers that engage energy brokers are unaware that broker-to-broker outsourcing occurs, let alone understand the significant inflationary impact it has on their energy supply costs. This blog exposes this practice and explains how it leads to exorbitant energy supply price escalation.    For this blog to make sense, you need to invest in understanding the basic broker business model.  Despite inferences […]

Fake Energy Consultants Two-Timing Consumers with Double-Dip


Businesses engaging fake “energy consultants” to help with energy supply procurement are realizing significantly inflated natural gas and electricity supply prices, up to 25% – the result of a highly diabolical deception, called the “double-dip”, being orchestrated by their energy-brokers-in-disguise.    As implied by the name, victims of the “double-dip” are paying twice for energy supply “consulting” services, and they don’t know it. The reason – their energy-brokers-in-disguise are embedding undisclosed, unauthorized, and exorbitant hidden upcharges into their clients’ energy supply prices – in addition to “consulting fees” negotiated between the “consultants” and energy consumers.  The double-dip is most diabolical because there is purposeful intent to two-time energy consumers by […]

Going Once, Going Twice – Sold! Bad Energy Deals to Consumers in the Dark

Energy Auctions May Not Be “Free” Energy consumers are realizing significantly inflated energy supply costs, up to 25%, a function of non-disclosed & hidden upcharges built into the energy supply prices garnered through some “free” on-line natural gas and electricity energy auctions.     Hidden Upcharges Embedded in Energy Auction Prices The crux of the problem – claims from some auctioneers that their services are of ‘no-cost” to consumers because their revenues are generated from fees “paid’ by bidding energy suppliers. This phraseology creates an out-of-context rationale for energy consumers to use an energy auction – no cost, no risk – all at the expense of participating energy suppliers. This […]

Businesses Hoodwinked By Energy Brokers Dodging Upcharge Disclosure


What if you found out that you were paying significantly more for electricity and natural gas because your energy broker manipulated energy supply price offers, with the intent of steering you to a pre-determined supplier, to satisfy a hidden agenda? Based on what I am seeing in the marketplace, this is happening.  This blog post is about a disturbing new tactic being used by energy supply brokers to ensure they get what they want. What do they want? They want to make money by embedding hidden upcharges into the natural gas and electricity prices they provide to energy consumers that work with them, while maintaining the illusion that what they […]

A Key to Top-Notch Energy Procurement: Avoid Biased Energy Buying “Advice”


I consistently find that energy consumers base their decisions on how to buy energy on recommendations from energy suppliers or energy brokers. They say to themselves, “They are the experts. They know what’s best.”  Here’s the problem. Energy buying “advice” from energy brokers or suppliers can be compromised, leading to increased energy supply costs and inflated business risk for consumers.    Energy buying “recommendations” are compromised when there are hidden agendas. The hidden agendas of energy suppliers and energy brokers typically revolve around two issues – competition and margin appetite.  A way for energy suppliers and brokers to overcome these issues is to influence the buying behaviors of consumers. In […]

Ouch! Energy Buyers Being Bitten By Hedge Hogs


For purposes of this blog, the “hedge hog” is an energy broker that secretly embeds hidden upcharges into energy consumer supply-related commodity prices. This is the next part of series of blog posts designed to educate energy consumers about the multiple tactics used by energy brokers to embed hidden upcharges into energy prices.    Here’s how it works, using natural gas as the example fuel type.  The consumer is working an energy broker. A 36-month natural gas agreement has been implemented with a supplier, and the deal structure is variable, by month. The variable component of the total price is the natural gas commodity price, as referenced by the New […]

How Energy Brokers Orchestrate the “Stuff & Fluff” Tactic

This is the second segment of the expose regarding a tactic that energy brokers use to maximize, not just establish, but maximize hidden upcharges embedded into energy supply prices which can amount up to 25% of the total energy supply cost.    I call this the “Stuff & Fluff” tactic.  The first segment explained the premise behind the “Stuff and Fluff” tactic. This second segment will provide an example of how this diabolical tactic is orchestrated.  As stated in Segment 1, energy brokers need multiple quotes from energy suppliers to pull off this maximization. Energy brokers that use the “Stuff and Fluff” tactic take advantage of the differences in energy […]

How Energy Brokers Manipulate Energy Supply Prices to Embed Hidden Upcharges: Part 2 – The “Stuff & Fluff” Tactic (An Intro)

If you care about business ethics (and significantly inflated energy prices), this is for you. This blog introduces a tactic commonly used by energy brokers that takes advantage of energy consumer vulnerability and trust with the objective of maximizing (not just establishing) hidden upcharges that are embedded in energy supply prices, at the expense of the energy consumers they are supposed to be “helping.” A follow up post will include an example of how energy brokers orchestrate this tactic.    What is this tactic? I call it the “Stuff & Fluff” tactic.  The “Stuff & Fluff” tactic is diabolical, and here’s why. The thing that energy consumers trust to get […]

How Energy Brokers Manipulate Energy Supply Prices to Embed Hidden Upcharges: Part 1 – The Basics


This blog is the first in a series designed to help consumers understand and avoid the significant cost consequences of engaging an energy broker under the false pretense of a “no cost to you” energy procurement service by exposing the methods many energy brokers use to secretly embed hidden upcharges into energy supply prices, which can amount up to 25% of the total energy supply cost.  First, the basics. Using a play on words and contextual redirects, energy brokers create an illusion that they are compensated via commissions from energy suppliers. The truth – energy brokers are compensated via hidden upcharges embedded into energy supply prices. There are costs to […]