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Fake Energy Consultants Two-Timing Consumers with Double-Dip


Businesses engaging fake “energy consultants” to help with energy supply procurement are realizing significantly inflated natural gas and electricity supply prices, up to 25% – the result of a highly diabolical deception, called the “double-dip”, being orchestrated by their energy-brokers-in-disguise.    As implied by the name, victims of the “double-dip” are paying twice for energy supply “consulting” services, and they don’t know it. The reason – their energy-brokers-in-disguise are embedding undisclosed, unauthorized, and exorbitant hidden upcharges into their clients’ energy supply prices – in addition to “consulting fees” negotiated between the “consultants” and energy consumers.  The double-dip is most diabolical because there is purposeful intent to two-time energy consumers by […]

Going Once, Going Twice – Sold! Bad Energy Deals to Consumers in the Dark

Energy Auctions May Not Be “Free” Energy consumers are realizing significantly inflated energy supply costs, up to 25%, a function of non-disclosed & hidden upcharges built into the energy supply prices garnered through some “free” on-line natural gas and electricity energy auctions.     Hidden Upcharges Embedded in Energy Auction Prices The crux of the problem – claims from some auctioneers that their services are of ‘no-cost” to consumers because their revenues are generated from fees “paid’ by bidding energy suppliers. This phraseology creates an out-of-context rationale for energy consumers to use an energy auction – no cost, no risk – all at the expense of participating energy suppliers. This […]