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Fake Energy Consultants Two-Timing Consumers with Double-Dip


Businesses Paying Twice for “Free” Energy Broker Services Businesses engaging fake “energy consultants” to help with energy supply procurement are realizing significantly inflated natural gas and electricity supply prices, up to 25% – the result of a highly diabolical deception, called the “double-dip”, being orchestrated by their energy-brokers-in-disguise.     As implied by the name, victims of the “double-dip” are paying twice for energy supply “consulting” services, and they don’t know it. The reason – their energy-brokers-in-disguise are embedding undisclosed, unauthorized, and exorbitant hidden upcharges into their clients’ energy supply prices – in addition to “consulting fees” negotiated between the “consultants” and energy consumers.   Energy Supply Brokers Take Advantage […]

Going Once, Going Twice – Sold! Bad Energy Deals to Consumers in the Dark


Energy Auctions May Not Be “Free” Energy consumers realize significantly inflated energy supply costs, up to 25%, a function of non-disclosed & hidden upcharges built into the energy supply prices garnered through some “free” on-line natural gas and electricity energy auctions.     Hidden Markups Embedded in Energy Auction Prices The crux of the problem – claims from some auctioneers that their services are of ‘no-cost” to consumers because their revenues stem from fees “paid’ by bidding energy suppliers. This phraseology creates an out-of-context rationale for energy consumers to use an energy auction – no cost, no risk – all at the expense of participating energy suppliers. Because of word […]