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Your business could be paying less for electricity and natural gas, or could be getting more from demand response.  The opportunities are tremendous.  Start saving now!

Energy Procurement: It's what we do - and it works

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I’m all about helping your business lower its natural gas and electricity costs get more for demand response. I used to sell natural gas & electricity. I know where to find savings.
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Natural Gas Procurement

How to buy, from whom to buy, and when to buy? These are the questions. Get answers! There are tremendous opportunities to reduce risk, find new savings, and minimize cost leakage with natural gas supply and utilities.
Foster LLC provides electricity procurement services

Electricity Procurement

Terms like Peak Load Contribution, Capacity, NITS, Block & Index, Ancillaries, Bandwidth, and Pass-thru have you confused? It’s impossible to get the best electricity deal without a grasp on how these things impact electricity bills.

start saving now!

Your business could be paying less for electricity or natural gas or could be getting more from demand response. Call today at (412) 308-6482 or reach out via the Contact page.

How to buy, when to buy, and from whom to buy natural gas and electricity?  These are the questions.  Get answers today!

Learn why natural gas and electricity supply prices garnered through energy brokers are 25% higher than they should be.

more services | more value

When done right, businesses will reap the benefits associated with natural gas and electricity procurement.  Based on experience, businesses that don’t complement energy procurement with additional services are at risk for cost leakage and forfeiture of savings.  That’s why Foster LLC provides the following services:

Energy bill auditing

It’s amazing what a bill audit will reveal – incorrect volumes, prices, taxes, etc. – including a real-time identification of changes in usage that call for an immediate risk-mitigation plan. Don’t let cost leakage erode your bottom line.
demand response reduce electric demand

demand response

Businesses may be eligible for payments from curtailment service providers if they can reduce electricity usage during periods of peak demand. The program is “Demand Response.” But, payment plans differ. Foster LLC helps businesses determine eligibility for participation and maximize provider payments.
Natural gas electricity cost budget forecast

energy cost budgeting

Many businesses budget for natural gas and electricity expenditures, but can miss the mark, especially when the budget is out of alignment with the energy buying strategy, or when there are missing gaps in the cost assumptions.
utility natural gas electricity rates

utility rate analysis

Natural gas and electric utility prices are generally based on a usage-based rate classification. Your business may be a candidate for a re-classification, based on changes in consumption that can result in reduced costs.
Consultant natural gas electricity energy agent

supplier interfacing

There’s power in knowledge and relationships. Based on experience, billing issues get solved quicker, problems get solved with better outcomes, and “funny business” is limited when businesses have an advocate that represents their interests to energy providers.
natural gas electricity commodity price information

Energy commodity intel

Natural gas and electricity are volatile commodities. Businesses are making compromised buying decisions because they are receiving limited, bad, or biased information about the factors influencing energy price action. Get the full picture with Foster LLC.

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