Link to Article About Possible Suspension of Energy Broker License Due to Discovery of Hidden Energy Broker Fee

This article sheds light on three key things, confirming my statements about the practices of energy brokers.

1) Energy brokers are compensated via hidden upcharges built into the energy supply price.

2) Energy broker fees are outrageously high. Apparently, the broker had built in a hidden fee of $60,000 / year into an electricity supply agreement. Over a 3 year period, the hidden fee amounted to $180,000.

3) Worse, the hidden broker fee was an upcharge of an additional $60,000/year to an agreed upon fee of $24,000/year. This is a common practice employed by energy brokers. The broker creates the illusion of fee transparency, but adds additional fees to the energy supply price, all-the while unknown to the energy consumer. The broker collected $84,000/year in total, or $252,000 over a three year period – $180,000 more than had been agreed to.

Article About Hidden Energy Broker Fee (Connecticut Association of Individual Schools)