Pennsylvania Natural Gas Brokers Challenge

pennsylvania natural gas misconceptions exam
Do you understand the misconceptions about Pennsylvania natural gas brokers?

Are You Ready to Challenge Your Knowledge about Pennsylvania Natural Gas Brokers?

As a supplement to the post Pennsylvania Natural Gas Broker: Six Warnings About Using One, below is a 7 question challenge. Designed to test your knowledge, you will determine if you are ready to insulate your business from tactics brokers use to get customers. Natural gas supply deals garnered through brokers can be up to 25% higher than they could have been. Prepared businesses can avoid the costly mistakes tied to engaging brokers under false pretense.


Pennsylvania Natural Gas Brokers – Do You Know Them? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

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1) Which best describes Pennsylvania natural gas brokers?

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2) Are most Pennsylvania natural gas brokers compensated via commissions that are funded by natural gas suppliers?

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3) Normally, which party incurs the cost to compensate Pennsylvania natural gas brokers?

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4) Assuming the typical natural gas broker compensation model, if the natural gas supplier’s price is $3.000/million British thermal units (MMBtu), and the natural gas brokers compensation is $0.500/MMBtu, then what is the consumer’s price for natural gas supply?

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5) Pennsylvania natural gas brokers are required disclose the values of the premiums added to natural gas suppliers’ actual (pre-marked up) prices.

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6) Natural gas suppliers work with every Pennsylvania natural gas broker.

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7) Assuming the typical natural gas broker compensation model, if the price the natural gas broker provides to a customer is $3.000/million British thermal units (MMBtu), then the natural gas supplier’s actual price is which of the following:

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If you participated, thank you. If you scored well, congratulations! You are prepared to protect your business from significantly inflated natural gas prices associated with Pennsylvania natural gas brokers.

In addition to the Foster blogs, check out the energy broker-oriented warning by Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute. It’s an insightful resource. It explores unethical marketing practices some brokers employ to dupe consumers into bad energy deals.

After taking this quiz, you may not want to use a broker. But you still might want help with natural gas procurement. Consider taking a look at Foster LLC’s approach to natural gas buying. Is there a fit for your business?